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Business Manager Tools

Commerce Server 2002

Commerce Server Business Desk is an extensible tool that business managers use to manage and analyze their Web sites. For example, you use Business Desk features to update pricing information in your catalogs, target new advertisements to specific users, and then run reports to measure how these changes affect site productivity.

Business Desk is designed for business managers: people who understand business goals, strategies, and processes for creating and running a successful e-commerce Web site, but who may not have the technical knowledge for administering a server application.

Business Desk has two parts: the Business Desk application and the Business Desk client.

  • Business Desk application. The management tool you use to configure, manage, and analyze your site. Business Desk is accessible from any computer running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5, providing you with secure remote access.

    Business Desk applications are provided in Solution Site packages. After you install Commerce Server, you must unpack a Solution Site to install a Business Desk application. If you have an existing site, and you want to use Business Desk to manage it, you must unpack a Solution Site to get the Business Desk application, and then modify the application.

    Commerce Server Solution Sites are available at

  • Business Desk client. The client software that is installed locally on your computer, providing the interface to the Business Desk application. When you first access the Business Desk application (via a URL), the Business Desk client is downloaded and installed onto your computer. It is recommended that the computer on which you run the Business Desk client have a high-speed connection to the Business Desk application.

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