Planning for Administration and Management Tools

Commerce Server 2000

Commerce Server 2000 includes three tools for managing and administering your installation: Commerce Server Business Desk, Partner Service, and Commerce Server Manager.

You use Business Desk to configure many site options and to manage the day-to-day marketing and analysis of site activity. You must make some decisions about your site in order to optimize your use of Business Desk.

The following table lists some of the questions that you need to answer in planning for the administration and management tools.

Planning questionRecommendation
Will your site be aimed primarily at consumers or at trading partners? If your site is aimed at consumers, you should start development with the Retail Solution Site because it includes the Customer Service, which provides users access to their profile information.

If your site is aimed at trading partners you should start development with the Supplier Solution Site because it includes the Partner Service, which provides trading partners with access to their accounts.

To download the Solution Sites, see

If you are planning to interact with trading partners, do you need to exchange business documents with them?You should plan on integrating Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 with your implementation if you will exchange business documents with trading partners.
What payment options will your site support? You must make arrangements with a banking institution if you plan to support credit card processing.
Which currencies will your site support? If your site will display information in multiple currencies, you need to extend the Product Catalog System.
Do business managers need to access large sets of data?Some aspects of site management do not lend themselves to accessing large data sets through Business Desk. For example, if your product catalog includes over 100,000 items, you may need to publish updates with a script, rather than through the Catalogs modules provided in Business Desk. You should plan for the capacity requirements of your Business Desk.

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