Changing Database Connection Strings

Commerce Server 2002

Commerce Server connection strings are stored in the Administration database. It is recommended that you configure all database connection strings with Window Authentication. For information about configuring your site to use Windows Authentication, see Using Windows Authentication.

Commerce Server uses connection strings for the following databases:

  • Administration database. During Setup, you configure the connection string for the Administration database. You can the connection string a later date using Commerce Server Manager. For instructions, see Changing the Administration Database Connection String.
  • Direct Mailer database. During Setup, you configure the connection string for the Direct Mailer database. You can change it at a later date using Commerce Server Manager. For instructions, see Configuring Direct Mailer.
  • Databases used by resources. When you unpack a site using Commerce Server Site Packager, for some resources you are prompted for a connection string to the appropriate database. The following table lists the connection strings for each resource.
    ResourceConnection string
    Business Desk PermissionsSDT Database
    Product CatalogCatalog Database
    CampaignsCampaigns Database
    TransactionsTransactions Database
    Transaction ConfigTransactions Config Database
    Profiless_BizDataStoreConnectionString, s_CommerceProviderConnectionString, s_ProfileServiceConnectionString
    Data WarehouseThe connection string is not named in the user interface because the Data Warehouse has its own snap-in extension.

    The connection string for the Data Warehouse resource to the OLAP database only supports Windows Authentication.

  • Other databases. You also specify connection strings in the following cases:
    FeatureConnection string
    List Manager: Importing and exporting listsIn the List Manager module in Commerce Server Business Desk, set the connection string for the SQL Server database table you are importing or exporting.
    Migration ProfileBuilder ToolAfter you modify the ProfileBuilder, source code, create a Data Source Name (DSN) for the Commerce Server Profiles data store.
    Profiles resource: Adding data sourcesUse the data source picker (and for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the LDAP connection string dialog box) to enter the connection strings for the databases and LDAP sources you are mapping data source partitions to.
    Predictor resourceEnter the connection string only if you are building models against an external database, not the Data Warehouse.

If you need to change a connection string for a database, use Commerce Server Manager.

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