Profiling System Objects

Commerce Server 2002

Profiles represent business entities such as customers, companies, products, purchase orders, and accounts. A profile contains properties of the business entity. For example, "Joe User" is a specific customer, and the data concerning "Joe User" is stored as an instance of a customer profile. The structure of the profile is determined by its schema.

The Profile Programming Concepts topic describes the Profiles resource and the objects it exposes.


Visual Basic ReferenceC++ InvocationDescription
BusinessDataAdmin2BusinessDataAdmin2Imports and exports profile catalogs from the business data store.
ProfileObjectProfileObjectProvides run-time read/write access to profile property data and read-only access to property attributes.
ProfileServiceProfileServiceAllows creation, deletion, and retrieval of instances of profile schemas.


Code to Connect to the Profiles StoreDescribes how to connect to the Profiles store.
Code to Enumerate ErrorsDescribes how to enumerate all errors generated by the last Profiles resource operation.
Code to Set up Bind Credentials to Directory StoresDescribes how to bind profiles to specific users.
Code to Create a New ProfileDescribes how to create a new profile.
Code to Retrieve a ProfileDescribes how to retrieve a profile.
Code to Modify a ProfileDescribes how to modify the data stored in a profile.
Code to Delete a ProfileDescribes how to delete a profile.
Code to Retrieve XML Data and SchemaDescribes how to retrieve the Extensible Markup Language (XML) representations of profile data and schemas.
Code to Perform Bulk Operations using ADO and SQLDescribes how ActiveX Data Object (ADO) and SQL are used to perform bulk operations on profile data.
Code to Delete Unused ProfilesDescribes how to delete a profile that has not been used for some time.
Code to Decrypt a Persistent Cookie after the Key has changedDescribes how to decrypt old cookies when using rolling key encryption.
Code to Use the ProfileService Object or Commerce Server OLEDB Provider to Update PasswordsDescribes how to use the ProfileService object and the Commerce Server OLEDB Provider to update passwords.
Code to Retrieve and Set Multi-valued AttributesDescribes how to use the ProfileService object to retrieve and set multi-valued attributes.
Code to Retrieve Extended Error Information from the Commerce Server OLEDB ProviderDescribes how to retrieve extended error information from the Commerce Server OLEDB provider connection object in the event of an error.
Code to Retrieve Custom Attributes on Profile PropertiesDescribes how to access custom attributes defined on profile properties.

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