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Adding Custom Catalog Attributes and Property Attributes

Commerce Server 2002

Commerce Server Business Desk includes catalog attributes such as currency, unit of weight measure, locale, and catalog name. It includes property attributes such as minimum length/value, maximum length/value, default value, and display name.

You might want to add your own catalog attributes to store information about the vendor that supplies the products in a catalog.

You might want to add your own property attributes to describe how a particular property should appear on your Web site. For example, you can specify that a property should appear in a drop-down list, as an option button, or as a label.

To add a catalog unit of weight measure

To add user-defined catalog attributes and/or property attributes

To add a catalog unit of weight measure

Your system administrator specifies the unit of weight measure during Commerce Server configuration. If you need a different unit of weight measure, your system adminstrator must perform the following procedure.

  1. Expand Commerce Server Manager, expand Commerce Sites, and then expand the site you want to administer, for example, Retail.
  2. Right-click App Default Config, and then click Properties.
  3. On the Properties tab, select Unit of Measure for Weight.
  4. In the Selected Property Value box, enter the unit of measure for weight (for example, kilograms (kg)), and then click OK.

To add user-defined catalog attributes and/or property attributes

  1. Contact your site developer to add the new attributes to Commerce Server using the Catalog API.
  2. Import an XML catalog file that includes the new catalog attributes and property attributes you want to use in your catalogs and properties.
  3. Use Catalog Definition Designer to assign the attributes to catalogs and properties, and set values for them.

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