List Manager Service Account

Commerce Server 2002

For List Manager, your Commerce Server Business Desk users must be able to read folders from which they import lists and write to folders onto which they export lists. The List Manager service account must have appropriate NTFS permissions on the folders from which users will import and export lists.

The List Manager service account requires the following when Commerce Server is configured to use Windows Authentication:

Exporting Static Reports and Segments to List Manager

When you export a static report or a segment to List Manager, the Report Manager component writes the content to the following tables in the Campaigns database:


The account for Report Manager must have Select and Insert permissions on these tables. (By default, Report Manager runs under the local account.)

The account for the List Manager service must be mapped to the dbo user in the Data Warehouse database. To map a login name to the dbo, in Query Analyzer, run the sp_addrolemember stored procedure as follows:

Exec sp_addrolemember 'dbo', 'login'

To run sp_addrolemember in Query Analyzer, you must be logged in with "sa" privileges.

The sp_addrolemember stored procedure will fail if the user has already been added to the Data Warehouse. Do not add the account by using any method other than sp_addrolemember.

For more information about sp_addrolemember, see sp_addrolemember in SQL Books Online.

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