CatalogContext.CachingEnabled Property (BCL)

Commerce Server 2002

Use the CachingEnabled property to determine whether caching is enabled.


[Visual Basic .NET]
Overridable Public Property CachingEnabled As System.Boolean
public virtual System.Boolean CachingEnabled {get; set;} 

Property Value

A Boolean value indicating whether caching is enabled. If True, caching is enabled, otherwise, caching is not enabled.

The default for the CachingEnabled property is False.


You can set this property to True only when the CatalogContext is hosted in a ASP.NET environment, since it internally uses the underlying ASP.NET cache objects.

You can only use this property to disable and enable caching of the catalog-level data. Do not use it to disable caching of the catalog schema information, connection strings, catalog sets info etc.

Use the CatalogContext.Refresh method to refresh all the information that is cached by the Catalog BCL's.

The following catalog items get cached:

  • Category.AncestorCategoryNames
    • .ParentCategoryNames
    • .ChildCategoryNames
    • .CanonicalCategoryPath
    • .PrimaryParentCategoryName
    • .ChildCategoriesCount
    • .ChildProductsCount
  • Product.AncestorCategoryNames
    • .ParentCategoryNames
    • .CanonicalCategoryPath
  • ProductCatalog.Name
    • .Languages
    • .IdentifyingProductProperty
    • .IdentifyingVariantProperty
    • .PropertyNames
    • .SpecificationSearchableCategories


Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.Catalog

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Runtime.dll

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All rights reserved.