Commerce Server Direct Mailer

Commerce Server 2002

Direct Mailer is a fast, scalable Microsoft Windows 2000–based service that you use to send personalized e-mail messages from a Web page, or nonpersonalized mailings from a flat text file, to large groups of recipients. Direct Mailer can be used as a stand-alone process in which you directly configure direct mail jobs. Or you can use it together with the Campaigns modules in Commerce Server Business Desk, and track the success of the direct mail campaign. In Microsoft Commerce Server 2002 Enterprise Edition, Direct Mailer tracks e-mail, and records, which messages are sent and which are clicked (opened), enabling you to analyze the success of a direct mail campaign.

The Direct Mailer pipeline is used to process lists of recipients. You can add new components to the pipeline, integrate the components with line-of-business systems, or replace them with components supplied by third parties For example, you can change the template used with the mailings.

The following table lists key Commerce Server Help topics to help you learn more about Direct Mailer.

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