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Troubleshooting Commerce Server Manager Taskpads

Commerce Server 2002

If you install a version of Commerce Server 2002 that uses a different language than that of the operating system, the Commerce Server Manager taskpads will not work. This is a known issue with Microsoft Management Console 1.2: Taskpads reference context menus in a single language and they do not work when the language of the console file and the operating system are not in sync.


After you change the language of the console file so that it is with the same as the language of the operating system, you must unpack your site.

To unpack a site

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Commerce Server 2002, and then click Commerce Site Packager.

    The Commerce Server Site Packager screen appears.

  2. Select Unpack from a package file, and then click Next.

Follow the instructions in the Site Packager dialog boxes. For more information, see Unpacking a Site.

To change passwords

  • Right-click Commerce Server Manager, click All Tasks, and then click Change Passwords.

For more information about changing passwords, see Changing a Service Account or Password.

To change the connection string for the Administration database

  1. Right-click Commerce Server Manager, and then click Properties.

    The Commerce Server Manager Properties dialog box appears.

  2. On the Administration Database tab, click Modify.

    The Data Link Properties dialog box appears.

  3. After making the necessary changes in the Data Link Properties dialog box, click OK.

    For information about how to complete the Data Link Properties dialog box, click Help in the Data Link Properties dialog box to open Microsoft Data Link Help.

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