Programming with Commerce Server Objects

Commerce Server 2000

The Component Object Model (COM) objects supplied with Microsoft Commerce Server 2000 can be divided into the following functional categories. Each functional category has corresponding conceptual information and code examples. Each COM object has corresponding reference pages for access from Microsoft Visual Basic and from C++.

The following table provides links to the relevant conceptual information for each category and to the reference pages for each COM object.

Functional CategoryDescription
Backward Compatibility ObjectsIncludes objects used for Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition compatibility.

Objects (and reference page links):

AdminSite (VB/C++), StandardSManager (VB/C++), Page (VB/C++)

Business Process ObjectsIncludes objects used for standard business processing, such as orders, shipping, and auctions.

Objects (and reference page links):

Auction (VB/C++), OrderForm (VB/C++), OrderGroup (VB/C++), OrderGroupManager (VB/C++), Shipping (VB/C++), ShippingMethodManager (VB/C++), SimpleFindResultInfo (VB/C++), SimpleFindSearchInfo (VB/C++)

Configuration ObjectsIncludes objects used to manage the configuration of Commerce Server Web sites.

Objects (and reference page links):

AdminWebServer (VB/C++), AppConfig (VB/C++), GlobalConfig (VB/C++), SiteConfig (VB/C++), SiteConfigReadOnly (VB/C++)

Content Selection ObjectsIncludes objects used to select dynamic content for display.

Objects (and reference page links):

ContentList (VB/C++), ContentListFactory (VB/C++), ContentListSchema (VB/C++), ContentSelector (VB/C++), RowCollection (VB/C++)

Display ObjectsIncludes objects used to format data for display on Web pages.

Objects (and reference page links):

AppFrameWork (VB/C++), DataFunctions (VB/C++), EuroDisplay (VB/C++), MessageManager (VB/C++)

Expression ObjectsIncludes objects used to create, store, and evaluate expressions.

Objects (and reference page links):

ExpressionEval (VB/C++), ExpressionStore (VB/C++), ExprEvalContext (VB/C++), ExprFltrQueryBldr (VB/C++)

General Purpose ObjectsIncludes general-purpose objects used widely within Commerce Server Web sites.

Objects (and reference page links):

AdminEventLog (VB/C++), AdminFiles (VB/C++), CacheManager (VB/C++), DBStorage (VB/C++), Dictionary (VB/C++), DictionaryXMLTransforms (VB/C++), GenID (VB/C++), LRUCache (VB/C++), SimpleList (VB/C++)

List Management ObjectsIncludes the Commerce Server object related to list management.

Object (and reference page links):

ListManager (VB/C++)

Pipeline ObjectsIncludes objects used to run one or more pipeline components within the context of a Commerce Server pipeline.

Objects (and reference page links):

MicroPipe (VB/C++), MtsPipeline (VB/C++), MtsTxPipeline (VB/C++), OrderPipeline (VB/C++), PooledPipeline (VB/C++), PooledTxPipeline (VB/C++)

Prediction ObjectsIncludes objects used to make predictions.

Objects (and reference page links):

PredictorClient (VB/C++), PredictorServiceAdmin (VB/C++), PredictorServiceSiteAdmin (VB/C++), PredModelBuilder (VB/C++)

Product Catalog ObjectsIncludes objects used to manage product catalogs.

Objects (and reference page links):

CatalogManager (VB/C++), CatalogSets (VB/C++), CatalogToVendorAssociation (VB/C++), Category (VB/C++), Product (VB/C++), ProductCatalog (VB/C++)

Profile ObjectsIncludes objects used to manage profiles.

Objects (and reference page links):

ProfileObject (VB/C++), ProfileService (VB/C++)

Reporting Objects

(Refer directly to the reference pages for more details.)

Includes the objects used to create reports.

Objects (and reference page links):

AsyncRpt (VB/C++), ReportRenderer (VB/C++)

Site Security ObjectsIncludes objects used to secure Commerce Server Web sites.

Objects (and reference page links):

BizDeskSecurity (VB/C++), AuthManager (VB/C++)

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