OrderGroup Class (PIA)

Commerce Server 2002

The OrderGroup object is used in Commerce Server 2002 to store, access, and compute basket and order information for a site. The OrderGroupManager object works in conjunction with the OrderGroup object, providing search and other management operations for orders.


AddItemAdds an item to the specified OrderForm object.
AddItemsFromTemplateAdds the line items associated with an on-disk order group to the current OrderGroup object.
AddOrderformAdds an OrderForm object with all of its contents to the OrderGroup object.
AddXMLAsOrderFormConverts an XML string to an OrderForm object and adds it to the OrderGroup object.
AggregateOrderFormValuesIterates across all OrderForm objects, computes a total of the specified key, and then stores the total at the OrderGroup object level.
ClearClears the OrderGroup object of all OrderForm objects.
GetAddressGets the specified address dictionary object.
GetItemInfoGets a reference to the line-item dictionary from the specified OrderForm object at the specified index.
GetOrderFormAsXMLConverts an OrderForm object into an XML string.
GetOrderFormValueGets the OrderForm object value specified by the supplied OrderForm key.
InitializeInitializes the OrderGroup object.
LoadBasketLoads the basket for the current user from the database.
LoadOrderLoads the specified OrderGroup object from the database.
LoadTemplateLoads the specified template from the database.
PurgeUnreferencedAddressesRemoves all addresses in the OrderGroup object that are not being referenced by any line-item shipping address.
PutItemValuePuts the specified values into the specified keys of the line item.
PutOrderFormValuePuts the specified values into the specified keys of the OrderForm object.
RemoveItemRemoves a line item from the specified OrderForm object. The item index specified indicates which line item to remove.
RemoveOrderFormRemoves the specified OrderForm object from the OrderGroup object.
RunPipeRuns the Pipeline Component File on each OrderForm object in the OrderGroup object.
SaveAsBasketSaves the OrderGroup object to the database with a basket status.
SaveAsOrderSaves the OrderGroup object to the database with an order status.
SaveAsTemplateSaves the OrderGroup object to the database with a template status.
SetAddressSets the OrderGroup object address dictionary values as specified by the address dictionary object supplied.
SetAddressFromFieldsSets the OrderGroup object address dictionary values as specified by the fields object supplied.
SetShippingAddressSets the shipping address to that referenced by the database address ID supplied.


LogFileStringLog file name for pipeline runs. Allows pipeline logging when set to a non-empty string.

This property is read/write.

SavePrefixStringSpecifies a key prefix that will prevent a dictionary entry from being saved to the database.

This property is read/write.

ValueObjectReturns the OrderGroup object attributes.

This property is read-only.


Namespace: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Interop.Orders

Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Assembly: Microsoft.CommerceServer.Interop.Orders.Requisition.dll

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