Running the Updatefulltextcatalogs Script

Commerce Server 2002

Use the Updatefulltextcatalogs.vbs script to update the full-text indexes on all product catalogs in one full-text catalog.

When you have multiple catalogs in one full-text catalog, you can use the Updatefulltextcatalog.vbs script to update the full-text indexes of all the catalogs at the same time. It is more efficient to use Updatefulltextcatalog.vbs script than use the ProductCatalog.RegenerateFullTextIndex object, which consumes a lot of resources on the SQL Server.

The Updatefulltextcatalog.vbs script is located in \Program Files\Microsoft Commerce Server 2002\Support folder.

Run this script on the same computer that is hosting SQL Server.

The Updatefulltextcatalog.vbs takes the following parameters:

  • The connection string to the catalog database.
  • -U to update the full text catalogs
  • -I to set a registry key which will prevent errors due to ignored words in free text search phrases. By default, SQL Server returns the error message “A clause of the query contained only ignored words.”

If you do not specify –U and –I, then the script will update the full-text catalogs and set the registry key.

After running Updatefulltextcatalog.vbs, restart the Microsoft Search service.

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