POSReady 7 Technical Reference (POSReady 7)


This reference contains detailed information about the packages included with Windows Embedded POSReady 7.

Add and Remove POSReady 7 Features

Provides information about how to add and remove POSReady 7 feature packs using DISM from the Command Prompt.

Using Display Languages

Provides information about how to use display languages in POSReady 7.

Hibernate POSReady 7 using Powercfg Command-Line Options

Provides information on using powercfg command-line options to hibernate POSReady 7.

Create a POSReady 7 Distribution Share

Provides information about creating a distribution share and adding packages.

POSReady 7 Feature Packages Technical Reference

Technical reference and package dependency information for POSReady 7 feature packages.

Embedded Enabling Features Technical Reference

Technical reference information for POSReady 7 Embedded Enabling Features.

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