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How to Deploy a Service to a Private Cloud


Applies To: System Center 2012 - App Controller, System Center 2012 SP1 - App Controller, System Center 2012 R2 App Controller

You can start a new VMM service deployment from the App Controller console by using one of the following methods:

  • On the Clouds page:

    • Select a VMM cloud from the list, and then click Deploy in the taskbar.


      If you start a new VMM service deployment from the Clouds page, the private cloud will be automatically configured.

  • On the Services or Virtual Machines page:

    • Click Deploy on the taskbar or right-click an existing service, and then select Deploy from the shortcut menu that appears.


      If you start a VMM service deployment from the Services or Virtual Machines page, you will need to select a VMM private cloud.

When you start a new service deployment, the New Deployment diagram view is displayed to assist you in configuring the settings for the new service deployment.

To deploy a service to a private cloud

  1. Select the cloud for deployment.

  2. Select a VMM service template for the deployment.


    VMM service templates are created in the VMM Administrator console. Once created and delegated to a user role, they are available for selection within App Controller.


    If a Tier name for a VMM service has a “+” sign, operations such as scale out may not succeed.

  3. The diagram will load the service templates. Click the Service node in the diagram to open the service properties page. Specify a value for all required fields.

  4. By default, the template will auto-generate virtual machine names and computer names for all VMM instances. If a virtual machine instance requires a specific virtual machine name or computer name, you can click Configure to open the property page. Within the virtual machine property page you can customize the virtual machine name and computer name.


    Some service templates have a global setting which references a computer name within the service deployment. In this case, you will have to provide a specialized computer name for the virtual machine instance to which the global setting refers.

  5. The Deploy button will become enabled when all required settings have been supplied.


    It can take several minutes to deploy the service. The status bar will notify you that a job has been created. Learn more about jobs in the section How to View the Status of a Job.

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