Building Solutions and Integration Services Projects

SQL Server 2005 provides two environments, Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Management Studio, for the development and management of Integration Services packages.

  • Business Intelligence Development Studio supports the development of Integration Services packages. You can also create the Data Source and Data Source View objects that packages use. For more information, see Introducing Business Intelligence Development Studio.
  • SQL Server Management Studio uses the Integration Services service to supports the management of Integration Services packages in test and production environments. For more information, see Introducing SQL Server Management Studio.

Both environments use the concept of projects within solutions to organize and manage the items you use when building business intelligence solutions. For more information, see Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items.

The following table lists the topics in this section.

Topic Description

Creating a Solution

Describes the use of the Solution container in SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio and how you create Solution containers.

Creating an Integration Services Project

Describes the Integration Services project, in which you create packages and the data sources and data source views that packages can use.

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