How to: Enable a Table for Full-Text Indexing (SQL Server Management Studio)

Updated: 12 December 2006

In SQL Server 2005, by default, all user-created databases are full-text enabled. Additionally, an individual table is automatically enabled for full-text indexing as soon as a full-text index is created on it and a column is added to the index. A table is automatically disabled for full-text indexing when the last column is dropped from its full-text index.

You can manually disable or reenable a table for full-text indexing by using SQL Server Management Studio.

  1. Expand the server group, expand Databases, expand User Databases, and expand the database that contains the table you want to enable for full-text indexing.

  2. Right-click the table that you want to enable for full-text indexing.

  3. Select Full-Text index, and then click Enable Full-Text indexing.

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