This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AddCalculatedMembers (MDX)

Updated: 17 July 2006

Returns a set generated by adding calculated members to a specified set.



A valid Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that returns a set.

By default, MDX excludes calculated members when it resolves set functions. The AddCalculatedMembers function examines the set expression specified in Set_Expression, and includes calculated members that are siblings of the members contained within the scope of that set expression.

This function can be used only with one-dimensional set expressions.

The following example demonstrates the use of this function.

-- This query returns the calculated members for the cube
-- by retrieving all members, and then excluding non-calculated members.
      )-[Measures].Members ON COLUMNS,
   [Product].[Product Name].Members ON ROWS
FROM [Adventure Works] 

The following example returns the Measures.[Unit Price] member, in addition to all the calculated members in the Measures dimension, from the Adventure Works cube.

   AddCalculatedMembers({Measures.[Unit Price]}) ON COLUMNS,
   Product.Product.Children ON ROWS
   [Adventure Works]

Release History

17 July 2006

Changed content:
  • Updated syntax and arguments to improve clarity.
  • Added updated examples.