Designing the Report Layout

Reports in Reporting Services can include a variety of graphical and style elements. A report can span multiple pages, with a header and footer that are repeated on each page; can contain graphical elements such as images and lines; and can have any number of fonts, colors, and styles, which can be static or dynamic. Subreports and controls can also be displayed within a report.

Adding a Page Header and Footer to a Report

Describes headers and footers and how to display data in them.

Working with Data Regions

Describes data region report items: table, matrix, list, chart.

Adding a Text Box

Describes text box report items.

Adding an Image to a Report

Provides information about image report items..

Adding Graphical Elements

Describes rectangle and line report items.

Adding a Subreport

Describes subreport report items and how you can use them to contain one report within another.

Formatting Report Items

Describes templates, styles, format properties, and conditional formatting for report items.

Writing Multi-Column Reports

Explains how columns in a column-based report are fit to a page and design surface.

Controlling Report Pagination

Discusses how to set up reports with multiple pages.

Rendering Considerations for Automatic Sizing and Positioning

Discusses how report items automatically expand to accommodate the data, and how the rules of interaction can affect the report layout.