odbcping Utility

This utility has been deprecated in Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

The odbcping utility tests the integrity of an ODBC data source and the ability of the client to connect to a server.

     [/?] |
      | -Ddata_source


Displays the odbcping syntax diagram.

-S server_name

Is the instance of Microsoft SQL Server to connect to. Specify server_name to connect to the default instance of SQL Server on that server. Specify server_name\instance_name to connect to a named instance of SQL Server on that server. The connection is made without testing any ODBC data source.

-D data_source

Is the name of an ODBC data source defined to use the SQL Server ODBC driver. odbcping verifies that the data source is correct by using it to connect to the server named in the data source.

-U login_id

Is a valid login ID for the server.

-P password

Is the password for login_id.

ms162756.security(en-US,SQL.90).gifSecurity Note:
The password will not be masked.

If the connection is successful, odbcping displays the version of the SQL Server ODBC driver and the version of the instance of SQL Server to which it connected.

If the connection attempt fails, odbcping displays the error messages it receives from the SQL Server ODBC driver.

The odbcping utility is not installed by SQL Server Setup. The utility can be found on the SQL Server compact disc.

A. Verify connecting through a data source by using odbcping

odbcping /DMyDSN /Usa /PsaPassWord

B. Verify connecting directly to a server by using odbcping

odbcping /SMyServer /Usa /PsaPassWord