HashBytes (Transact-SQL)

Returns the MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA, or SHA1 hash of its input.

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HashBytes ( '<algorithm>', { @input | 'input' } )

<algorithm>::= MD2 | MD4 | MD5 | SHA | SHA1


Identifies the hashing algorithm to be used to hash the input. This is a required argument with no default. The single quotation marks are required.


Specifies a variable containing the data to be hashed. @input is varchar, nvarchar, or varbinary.

' input '

Specifies a string to be hashed.

varbinary (maximum 8000 bytes)

The following example returns the SHA1 hash of the nvarchar data stored in variable @HashThis.

DECLARE @HashThis nvarchar(max);
SELECT @HashThis = CONVERT(nvarchar,'dslfdkjLK85kldhnv$n000#knf');
SELECT HashBytes('SHA1', @HashThis);