SQL Server 2012

Removes one or more stored procedures or procedure groups from the current database in SQL Server 2012.

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DROP { PROC | PROCEDURE } { [ schema_name. ] procedure } [ ,...n ]


The name of the schema to which the procedure belongs. A server name or database name cannot be specified.


The name of the stored procedure or stored procedure group to be removed. Individual procedures within a numbered procedure group cannot be dropped; the whole procedure group is dropped.

Before removing any stored procedure, check for dependent objects and modify these objects accordingly. Dropping a stored procedure can cause dependent objects and scripts to fail when these objects are not updated. For more information, see View the Dependencies of a Stored Procedure

To display a list of existing procedures, query the sys.objects catalog view. To display the procedure definition, query the sys.sql_modules catalog view.


Requires CONTROL permission on the procedure, or ALTER permission on the schema to which the procedure belongs, or membership in the db_ddladmin fixed server role.

The following example removes the dbo.uspMyProc stored procedure in the current database.


The following example removes several stored procedures in the current database.

DROP PROCEDURE dbo.uspGetSalesbyMonth, dbo.uspUpdateSalesQuotes, dbo.uspGetSalesByYear;