DBCC HELP (Transact-SQL)

Returns syntax information for the specified DBCC command.

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DBCC HELP ( 'dbcc_statement' | @dbcc_statement_var | '?' )

dbcc_statement | @dbcc_statement_var

Is the name of the DBCC command for which to receive syntax information. Provide only the part of the DBCC command that follows DBCC, for example, CHECKDB instead of DBCC CHECKDB.


Returns all DBCC commands for which Help is available.


Suppresses all informational messages that have severity levels from 0 through 10.

DBCC HELP returns a result set displaying the syntax for the specified DBCC command.

Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role.

A. Using DBCC HELP with a variable

The following example returns syntax information for DBCC CHECKDB.

DECLARE @dbcc_stmt sysname;
SET @dbcc_stmt = 'CHECKDB';
DBCC HELP (@dbcc_stmt);

B. Using DBCC HELP with the ? option

The following example returns all DBCC statements for which Help is available.

DBCC HELP ('?');