Index Properties (Included Columns Page)

Use this page to modify the set of columns that are included as nonkey columns in a nonclustered index. This page is only available for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 indexes.

Nonkey columns to include in the index

Include nonkey columns in the nonclustered index. This option allows you to bypass the current index limits on the total size of an index key and the maximum number of columns participating in an index key by adding columns as nonkey columns in the leaf level of the nonclustered index.


Displays the name of the included column.

Data Type

Displays the data type information. All data types are allowed except text, ntext, and image.

If the table column is a computed column, Data Type displays "computed column."


Displays the maximum number of bytes required to store the column data type.


Displays whether the included column is an identity column.

Allow NULLs

Displays whether the included column allows NULL values to be stored in the table or view column.


Adds a column to the index key. Select table columns from the Select Columns from <table name> dialog box that appears when you click Add.


Removes the selected row from the list of included columns.

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