sp_validatemergepublication (Transact-SQL)

Performs a publication-wide validation for which all subscriptions (push, pull, and anonymous) will be validated once. This stored procedure is executed at the Publisher on the publication database.

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sp_validatemergepublication [@publication=] 'publication'
        , [ @level = ] level

[@publication=] 'publication'

Is the name of the publication. publication is sysname, with no default.

[ @level = ] level

Is the type of validation to perform. level is tinyint, with no default. Level can be one of these values.

Level value Description


Rowcount-only validation.


Rowcount and checksum validation. This value is only valid for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Subscribers. For Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Subscribers, this is automatically set to 3.


Rowcount and binary checksum validation.

The value of 3 is the recommended value of level for use with SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005; however, it cannot be used with earlier versions of SQL Server.

0 (success) or 1 (failure)

sp_validatemergepublication is used in merge replication.

Only members of the sysadmin fixed server role can execute sp_validatemergepublication.