ELSE (IF...ELSE) (Transact-SQL)

Imposes conditions on the execution of a Transact-SQL statement. The Transact-SQL statement (sql_statement) following the Boolean_expression is executed if the Boolean_expression evaluates to TRUE. The optional ELSE keyword is an alternate Transact-SQL statement that is executed when Boolean_expression evaluates to FALSE or NULL.

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IF Boolean_expression { sql_statement | statement_block } 
     { sql_statement | statement_block } ] 


Is an expression that returns TRUE or FALSE. If the Boolean_expression contains a SELECT statement, the SELECT statement must be enclosed in parentheses.

{ sql_statement | statement_block }

Is any valid Transact-SQL statement or statement grouping as defined with a statement block. To define a statement block (batch), use the control-of-flow language keywords BEGIN and END. Although all Transact-SQL statements are valid within a BEGIN...END block, certain Transact-SQL statements should not be grouped together within the same batch (statement block).


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