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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Point in Time Restore

Use the Point in Time Restore dialog box to set the point in time at which to stop the restore operation.

To use SQL Server Management Studio to restore a database to a point in time

Most recent point in time possible

Restores the database to the point in time of the most recent backup among the backup sets selected for the restore operation.

A specific date and time

Restores the database to the date and time specified in the Date and the at (time) settings. The order and delimiters among the date fields and time fields depend on the regional settings of the computer.


Specify the date to which to restore the database. The date setting contains month, day, and year fields. Type directly in these fields, or click the arrow to open a calendar application, where you can select a date.


Specify the exact time to which to restore the database. The time setting contains hour, minute, and second fields. If your system uses a 12-hour clock, a fourth field indicates whether the time is in morning (A.M.) or afternoon/evening (P.M.). Type directly in each of these fields, or click the up or down arrows to change the value of the adjacent fields.

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