This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Using the POWER and EXP Exponential Functions

The POWER function returns the value of the specified numeric expression to the specified power. POWER(2,3) returns 2 to the third power, or the value 8. Negative powers can be specified. Therefore, POWER(2.000, -3) returns 0.125. Notice that the result of POWER(2, -3) is 0. This is because the result is the same data type as the specified numeric expression. Therefore, if the result has three decimal places, the number to raise to a specific power must have three decimals, too.

The EXP function returns the exponential value in scientific notation of the specific float expression. Therefore, with a value of 198.1938327, the EXP function returns a value of 1.18710159597953e+086, for example:

SELECT EXP(198.1938327)

Here is the result set.



(1 row(s) affected)