Select a Catalog (Full-Text Indexing Wizard)

Select full-text catalog

Select a full-text catalog from the list. The default catalog for the database will be the selected item by default in the combo box. If no catalogs are available, the combo box will be disabled, and the Create a new catalog checkbox will be checked and disabled.

Create a new catalog

Select this checkbox to create a new full-text catalog


Enter a name for the new full-text catalog.

Set as default catalog

Select this checkbox if the catalog will be the default for this database.


Enter a path to a directory where the catalog will be located. Alternatively, click the Browse… button and select a directory.

File group

Select the file group to which the new catalog will belong.

Accent sensitivity

Specify whether the new catalog will be accent-sensitive or accent-insensitive. If the database is accent-sensitive, the Sensitive radio button will be selected by default.

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