SQL Server InfoCenters

New: 14 April 2006

InfoCenters are technology-specific topics that guide you to the information and tasks that are most important for being successful in a given job role. For example, the Analysis Services Administrator InfoCenter has links to the information that is important for Analysis Services administrators.

The documentation for every SQL Server technology includes InfoCenters for each applicable role. Each InfoCenter topic describes how that role relates to the specific technology. Besides a description of the role, each InfoCenter topic has two sets of links. The entries in the left column link to the most important information and procedures for a person in that role. The entries in the right column link to supplementary information.

For ease of navigation, the top-level topic for each SQL Server 2005 technology has links to all the InfoCenters for that technology. These topics are listed in the following table.

Database Engine icon SQL Server Database Engine

Analysis Services icon SQL Server Analysis Services

Integration Services icon SQL Server Integration Services

Replication icon SQL Server Replication

Reporting Services icon SQL Server Reporting Services

Notification Services icon SQL Server Notification Services

Service Broker icon Service Broker

Full Text icon Full-Text Search

To quickly access an InfoCenter topic, put the topic in your Favorites list. When you view Books Online as local help, open the topic, right-click in the text of the topic, and then select Add to Help Favorites. When you view the copy of Books Online in the MSDN Library by using Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the topic, right-click in the text of the topic, and then select Add to Favorites.

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