Accessing Host Transactions in .NET-based Applications Using COMTI


Microsoft Corporation

July 2003

Applies to:
   Microsoft® Host Integration Server 2000

Summary: Microsoft Host Integration Server 2000 includes a sample application called CedarBank. The CedarBank sample is a simple banking application made up of a collection of COMTI (COM Transaction Integrator) type libraries, COBOL samples, and client applications. It was created to demonstrate the various ways of using COMTI to access CICS (Customer Information Control System) or IMS (Information Management System) transactions running on an IBM host.

Since many customers are using Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the .NET Framework for new development work and need the ability to use COMTI in their projects, this document describes some .NET-based versions of the existing CedarBank samples provided with Host Integration Server 2000, and points out the key concepts to keep in mind when using COMTI with the .NET Framework.

Download the COMTI technical article and its accompanying sample.