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Microsoft Security Response Center

The MSRC works with partners and security researchers around the world to help prevent
security incidents and to advance Microsoft product security.

Update Lifecycle

Security Researcher Engagement

Microsoft Active Protections Program

Update LifecycleSecurity Researcher EngagementCommunity Collaboration

Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) investigates all reports of security vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft products and services

The Bluehat team supports collaboration and relationships with security researchers globally to advance Microsoft product security

Microsoft supports collaboration and knowledge exchange across the industry to enable broad customer protections directly and through the partner ecosystem

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About the Microsoft Security Response Center

Led by some of the world’s most experienced security experts, the MSRC identifies, monitors, responds to and resolves security incidents and vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. This helps our customers manage security risks, builds community-based defense capabilities, and enables the development of best practices that have been adopted by others in the software industry.

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As an home PC user, here are ways you can protect your software and help improve security