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Learn About Azure Services

15 minute (or less) walkthroughs of key Azure services

Everything you need to know to get started with Windows Server & Linux VMs, Virtual Networking and Backup

Keep your data safe

Discover how to set up Azure Backup and safe guard your data. Learn how to protect mobile users and on-premises data in a few easy steps. Get peace of mind in a matter of minutes!

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Extend your network – virtually!

Learn how to build a Virtual Network and extend your on-premises network into the cloud. Or replicate your environment to test your solution in a sandbox before deploying them in production.

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Linux Virtual Machines in minutes

See how quickly and easily you can set up, connect to, and manage a Linux Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure.

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Quickly provision Windows Server Virtual Machines

Learn how to provision, launch, and connect to a Windows Server Virtual Machine in Microsoft Azure.

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