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Rick Claus
Senior Technical Evangelist
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I'm Rick Claus, Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada. You might have seen me over the years at Microsoft events or online wearing my green Tilley hat. I started wearing it whenever I'm at events, blogging or tweeting so that people can easily find and recognize me in order to reach out and make a connection. I work with a team of technical professionals and marketing managers who are tasked with reaching out, supporting and connecting with YOU, anyone in the ICT community.

Our priority is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with Microsoft. Whether it's getting the career development resources to help you succeed, expanding the content available online with free Virtual Lab Environments, or giving you the best planning advice to roll out a migration to Windows 7, we're committed to your success. So EXPLORE, SOLVE, ADVANCE and ENGAGE with Microsoft!

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Key Resources for IT Professionals

  • Explore

    The Newest Technology

    • Cloud computing
      The US Patriot act, Canadian PIPEDA (privacy legislation) and security and privacy in cloud environments and what it means for your business.

    • Virtualization and the Private Cloud
      Virtualization can help you reduce infrastructure costs and improve server utilization and power consumption. Learn more about how virtualization can help you and your business grow.

    • Deployment
      Find community resources to help implement deployment scenarios.

  • Solve

    Problems with Technical Insight

    • Technical Forums
      Ask questions or find more information on how to install, setup and deploy Windows 7, from peers and Microsoft within the forum community.

    • TechNet Flash Newsletter
      Get the latest technical information sent directly to your inbox with the bi-weekly TechNet newsletter.

  • Advance

    Your Career to the Next Level

    • Ignite Your Career
      Support your career development with webcasts designed to help you develop and grow as well as a multitude of additional career resources.

    • The Next Step in Your Career
      Determine what kind of career move you might want to make and understand what you'll need to get their as you consider the next step in your career path.

  • Engage

    With Your Local IT Community

    • IT Pro Blogs
      Keep up to date with the latest technical information direct from the Microsoft technical team.

    • IT Pro User Group
      Join one of our local user groups in regular conversations revolving around the Cloud, Virtualization, Deployment, unified messaging, email, IM's, Voice and more.