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Ruth Morton
Technology Advisor
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Invest in your skills. Get the IT professional manager's most valuable resources on Microsoft TechNet.

I'm Ruth Morton, Technology Advisor with Microsoft Canada. You might have seen me at Microsoft events or connected with me online via the Canadian IT Manager blog or the Align IT Manager Podcast Series. I work with a team of technical professionals and marketing managers who are tasked with reaching out, supporting and connecting with YOU, managers in the ICT community.

Our priority is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with Microsoft. Whether it's understanding how we can help your organization can maintain a flexible, agile IT environment, while networking with peers at the same time during our Align IT Tour; getting the tools to help you pursue a career, change your role, or become indispensable in your current job; or find training and skill development resources to help ensure your team's success, we're committed to your success. So EXPLORE, SOLVE, ADVANCE and ENGAGE with Microsoft!

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Key Resources for IT Professionals

  • Explore

    The Newest Technology

    • Cloud computing
      The US Patriot act, Canadian PIPEDA (privacy legislation) and security and privacy in cloud environments and what it means for your business.

    • Virtualization and the Private Cloud
      Virtualization can help you reduce infrastructure costs and improve server utilization and power consumption. Find out how to get the most out of Virtualization with a real world example.

    • The Public Cloud
      Compare Cloud implementation scenarios with your requirements.

  • Solve

    Problems with Technical Insight

    • Forums
      Ask questions or find more information on major IT Management topics and specific challenges IT Managers face.

    • Align IT Flash Newsletter
      Get the latest information on Microsoft technology for IT Managers sent directly to your inbox with the Align IT newsletter.

  • Advance

    Your Career to the Next Level

  • Engage

    With Your Local IT Community

    • IT Manager Blog
      Keep up to date with the latest technical information direct from the Microsoft team.

    • Align IT Tour
      Attend the Align IT Tour or visit the Align IT Portal to join in conversations revolving around technology, community and hot topics for IT managers.