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BlueHat Conference

BlueHat v16

The BlueHat conference is dedicated to educate Microsoft engineers and executives on current and emerging security threats, to help them address security issues in Microsoft products and services and protect customers. BlueHat serves as a great opportunity for us to bring the brightest minds in the security ecosystem together to discuss and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the industry today.

BlueHat v16 General Sessions

November 3-4, 2016

Microsoft Conference Center

16070 NE 36th St, Redmond, WA 98052

Please keep an eye on our BlueHat Blog as we will release more information and previews for BlueHat v16.

Call for Papers

The BlueHat v16 call for papers will run June 1st through August 19th, 2016. We are looking for abstract submissions with clear calls to action for our engineering focused audience. Some possible themes we are interested in seeing abstracts on are:

  • Virtualization & Cloud-based research, exploits, and defense
  • How customers are getting owned (case studies and research)
  • New Exploit techniques
  • Emerging Threats & Trends
  • Anti-exploitation techniques
  • Human Hacking & Defense
  • Identity & Authentication research, exploits, and defense
  • Infrastructure & IoT Security research, exploits, and defense
  • Machine learning & security analytics

The field for abstracts is wide open. Come challenge us and help to shape how Microsoft thinks about security! This year we have a new tool which should make submitting abstracts easier. There are also examples of what has worked well in the past for some of the specific requirements. Submit your abstracts here:

Conference Registration

Attendance at BlueHat Conference is by invitation only. All invited attendees will receive an email with registration link and conference agenda in September.

Contact Us

Please email us with any questions at