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Registry Usage (RU) v1.2

By Mark Russinovich

Published: July 4, 2016

 Download RU
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Ru (registry usage) reports the registry space usage for the registry key you specify. By default it recurses subkeys to show the total size of a key and its subkeys.

Using Registry Usage (RU)

usage: ru [-c[t]] [-l <levels> | -n | -v] [-q] <absolute path>

usage: ru [-c[t]] [-l <levels> | -n | -v] [-q] -h <hive file> [relative path]

-cPrint output as CSV. Specify -ct for tab delimiting.
-hLoad the specified hive file, perform the size calculation, then unload it and compress it.
-lSpecify subkey depth of information (default is one level).
-nDo not recurse.
-qQuiet (no banner).
-vShow size of all subkeys.


CSV output is formatted as:



Download RU
(156 KB)



Download RU

(156 KB)

Runs on:

  • Client: Windows Vista and higher
  • Server: Windows Server 2008 and higher
  • Nano Server: 2016 and higher