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Deprecated Management Tools Features in SQL Server 2016

Applies To: SQL Server 2016

This topic describes the deprecated Management Tools features that are still available in SQL Server 2016. These features are scheduled to be removed in a future release of SQL Server. Deprecated features should not be used in new applications.

FeatureDeprecation stage
SQL Server 2005 Registered Server APIAnnouncement
SMO class: Microsoft.SQLServer.Management.Smo.Information classAnnouncement
SMO class: Microsoft.SQLServer.Management.Smo.Settings classAnnouncement
SMO Class: Microsoft.SQLServer.Management.Smo.DatabaseOptions classAnnouncement
SMO Class: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo.DatabaseDdlTrigger.NotForReplication propertyAnnouncement
The Database Project System, including source-control integration, in SSMSAnnouncement
Net send notifications (SQL Server Agent)Announcement
Pager notifications (SQL Server Agent)Announcement
The ActiveX subsystem (SQL Server Agent)Announcement

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