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MARCH 21, 2011

Refresh Your IT Skills for the Cloud

Think Outside the IT Box to Expand Your Cloud Opportunities - One way to find that pot of gold at the end of rainbow is to build the clouds that produced the rainbow. Developing cloud expertise now means job security and career growth in the future.

Changing Requirements

IT professionals are now being challenged to keep up with the emerging requirements for the cloud and learn the new skills needed to meet those requirements.

TechNet Magazine: Breaking Down the IT/Business Divide
Business prospers when IT and business goals are aligned, but getting there is more difficult than you’d think.

How will My Career Evolve with the Cloud?
This technology change isn’t going to make you a pointless cost but it will make you a valuable driver of efficiency and savings, and you’ll probably find that work becomes more fun.

TechNet Magazine: Internationalization of IT
As the economy slowly beings to rebound, IT professionals could well find greener pastures working overseas.

Mashable: How Cloud Computing & Web Services Are Changing the IT Job Market
This article on Mashable details how the move to cloud and web services changes the desired skill sets from hands-on technical work to managerial talents, user-experience knowledge and more.

The 2011 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study
The new Frost & Sullivan report claims that cloud computing "illustrates a serious gap between technology implementation and the skills necessary to provide security."

Three Steps CIOs Should Take Now While Planning for a Private Cloud
Once IT workers see that the building blocks of private cloud infrastructures are similar to the platforms they're already managing in the datacenter, they'll realize that many of their existing skills are applicable to deploying and managing a private cloud infrastructure, while they'll also have the opportunity to learn new skills to help develop their career.

Outlook (third-party forecasts and advice)


Find the Microsoft resources to develop your skills and grow your career into the future of social networking and cloud computing.

The New Microsoft Cloud Hub
Keep up with the pace of change in the cloud. This newly-launched resource offers the latest cloud news, videos and community content, plus and in-depth look at Microsoft's cloud solutions. Check out the new videos featuring Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Management and Security Brad Anderson discussing the choices IT pros can make in building their own clouds with Microsoft technology:

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Microsoft has launched a new virtual training portal aimed at IT professionals who want to learn new skills and enhance existing ones for cloud computing environment. The Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers no-cost training for IT professionals with 100- and 200-level content.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Program, Reference Architecture (PDF)
The Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Program is a joint reference architecture for building private clouds that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with OEM partner technology—including computing power, network and storage architectures, and value-added software components.

Microsoft Cloud Services: Training and Certification
Get ready for cloud technology: Learn about our new Microsoft training and certifications.

Learning Plan for Implementing Simple Social Computing Capabilities at a Business-Unit Level
This learning plan is intended to help IT professionals implement social computing capabilities/Web 2.0 such as wikis, blogs, RSS feeds, and user profile sites, at a business-unit level.


The System Center product portfolio provides a unified management approach for applications and workloads across on-premises datacenters, private cloud and public cloud environments.
Minimize frustration and maximize performance. Make use of the free tools and guidance for managing and maintaining Windows servers.
Go beyond doing more with less and reducing your carbon footprint; virtualization enables a more agile, responsive infrastructure and lays the foundation for cloud services.
You won’t find a more flexible system for building intranet or Internet sites, and no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your planned or deployed sites, this TechNet ON package has resources for you.