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TechNet ON: General IT: Skills Curriculum

Trends in IT Value: Expanded Roles Ahead

Cloud computing and virtualization are ushering in new operational models, and with them, new IT roles. The basics still apply, but it might be time to rehone your skills to take advantage of the new opportunities.

Editor's Note: Does the Cloud Bring Opportunity or Obsolescence?

Cloud computing and virtualization are potential game-changers for your career. Adapting your skills to the new technical requirements could make all the difference and ultimately increase your visibility.

View from the Top

The Changing World of IT: Q&A with Microsoft’s Tony Scott

Excerpts from a recent episode of Point & Click, the IT Investigators, where Keith “Point” Combs and Matt “Click” Hester chat with Microsoft Chief Information Officer Tony Scott about the evolution of IT and how the skills needed to manage that technology are changing.

TechNet Magazine: Top 10 Essential IT Skills

With the rapid pace of technology development and changes in business processes – and a lousy economic background – it’s more essential than ever to keep your IT skills top-notch.

Help Wanted -- Experts Weigh in on the Most in-Demand Job Titles in IT

Emerging technologies and solutions such as virtualization and SOA are putting CIOs in the hot seat to hire individuals with matching skill sets. Here are the positions they are looking to fill.

View from the Trenches

Redmond Magazine: IT Cloud Survival Skills

Cloud computing may fundamentally change the way IT professionals do their jobs. Smart IT pros will be prepared for the upheaval to come.

Career Preparation Toolkit

Find webcasts that provide you with insider information on searching, networking, researching, and interviewing for a new opportunity. You will hear from subject-matter experts who share tips and techniques that will help you maximize your job search process and career growth opportunities.

Video: The IT Professional’s Role and Windows Azure

With Windows Azure, IT Pros have to deploy applications and manage their health, predict and manage demand for applications, and make sure data is backed up and secure.

Humor: IT Interview Gone Wrong (video)

Because sometimes, interviewing candidates is a tough job! Check out the incompetence of non-certified IT candidates seeking the same IT position within a company interviewing with an IT Hiring Manager. The hiring manager’s visibly mounting frustration vanishes when finally, a competent MCP arrives.

TechNet ON: IT Skills Tracks

Tools for the IT Mind

Planning for change is just about the smartest thing an IT pro can do. Here's a collection of resources to help refresh you career.

TechNet ON: Previous Issues

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