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The Cloud and your Organisation

We're here to help you understand the cloud, so that you can help your organisation to get the best out of cloud technologies.

This section covers the kind of questions that others in your organisation might ask you about cloud technologies and provides some ideas on how you might respond to them.

We've also addressed some of your most frequently raised concerns about migrating to cloud technologies.

Top three most important benefits:

The clearest benefits of cloud-based IT solutions are the practical ones, all of which offer tangible bottom-line results for your IT processes and organisation.

  1. Operational cost savings
  2. Increased IT efficiency
  3. Scale IT provision on demand

Your concerns answered: privacy and the cloud

Of all the potential barriers to adopting the cloud, 18% of you were concerned about privacy and security of off-site data. We hope that these articles will help you to address those concerns:

Why security should top the cloud agenda

Other questions you asked

These included concerns about integrating the cloud with existing systems (41%), risk (37%), and integration with existing infrastructure (36%). These resources should help you address these issues.

Are you ready?

Is your business ready for the cloud

Why it matters to every business

Cost savings

How the cloud will make your business more efficient

How to reduce software costs


Is cloud computing safe

The big mistakes of cloud computing and how to avoid them

Further learning resources

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