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Dig Into an IT Pro Private Cloud Library

Private cloud is a new way of delivering IT services, one that lets IT professionals optimize utilization of physical infrastructure for maximum efficiency and align service delivery for improved responsiveness to business needs.

Editor’s Note: A Home for Private Cloud Architectural Resources

Understand what technical resources are available and how to find, contribute or comment on guidance.

Private Cloud 101

Private Cloud: A Technical Perspective

This document, intended for members of the organization that drive the business needs around the utilization of IT, is one of a series to explore and define the private cloud.

Private Cloud is Not Virtualzation

Cloud computing, including private cloud, is much more than just virtualization or a virtualized data center. Tom Shinder explains the difference.

Video: Using the Private Cloud Today

Brad Anderson, corporate vice president of Management and Security, explains the key roles of Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V and System Center for IT Pros who want to tap the savings and flexibility of the private cloud now using tools they know and trust.

Private Cloud How-To

TechNet Magazine: Building Deployment Images the Smart Way

One of the keys to making large scale Hyper-V based virtual datacenters practical is the ability to rapidly provision and deploy new virtual machines. Typically this means creating a set of deployment images on which future virtual machines will be based.

MOF Guides Beta Package: Service Management for the Private Cloud Beta

Applying service management principles will be essential because of the private cloud's emphasis on self-service and the interdependency of its components. Service catalogs let users know what is available, at what costs, and at what service levels.

TechNet Wiki: Reference Architecture for Private Cloud

The Reference Architecture for Private Cloud document collection helps the IT service provider make the transformational journey to the cloud.

Key Private Cloud Wiki Articles

Video: How to Build a Private Cloud (Part1)

In this session, we discuss the emergence of a private cloud as the logical next step in virtualization and the amazing benefits that you can get by automating IT services in your organization.

Optimize SQL Server for Private Cloud

Find guides and posters to learn how to optimize SQL Server for your private cloud.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Planning, Building and Managing a Private Cloud

This track will cover the full cycle from understanding, planning and managing Microsoft private cloud offerings.



Build and Manage VMs in the Cloud

Moving applications to the cloud is all about creating the right image. Server image, that is. The Windows Azure VM role lets you run a virtual hard disk image, store that image in the cloud and load and run it on demand.

System Center in the Cloud

The System Center product portfolio provides a unified management approach for applications and workloads across on-premises datacenters, private cloud and public cloud environments.