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Office 365 in the Real World

See how Microsoft’s cloud platform for collaboration, communication and productivity has been an immediate game-changer for organizations looking to expand beyond traditional work styles.


Editor's Note: Office 365 Tales from the Trenches

Find out why Office 365 is so compelling to organizations large and small with a need for anywhere access to their key productivity, collaboration and communication platform, from a range of devices.


Get on the Grid

The Grid is a community of top-notch IT pros and other experts who share their considerable knowledge about technology and Office 365. The following examples are from Microsoft MVPs and other experts:

Office 365: Real Life Scenarios

Moving Mom's Real Estate Business to Office 365

GroupWise to Office 365: The Plan (Part 1); Routing Architecture (Part 2)

An Example Intranet Site for a Marketing Department

Migration Readiness Checklist

Features of a SharePoint Online Publishing Site


Office 365 Case Studies

Scripps Networks Interactive: Company Improves Communications and IT Administration with Upgrade to Hosted Solution

Medco Energi: Energy Company Extends Communications and Collaboration Solution with Hosted Service

Evco Plastics: Plastics Company Reduces Costs and Improves Production with Hosted Services

US Medical IT/Dallas Neurological and Spine: Medical IT Company Helps Physicians Provide Immediate Care through Online Solution

Kügele: Austrian Manufacturer Improves Productivity by 30 Percent with Cloud-Based Services

Sartorius Group: Company to Improve Communications, Reduce Administration with Cloud-Based Solution

The Wise Group: Social Enterprise Reduces Costs and Expands Services with Flexible Cloud-Based Solution

Hhpberlin: Fire-Safety Firm Expects to Reduce Costs by 36 percent with Cloud-based Solution


Office 365 How-To Guidance

SharePoint Pro Magazine: The SharePoint Decision: Do We Choose Cloud or On-Premises?

Who Are You and How Did You Get in Here? An Intro to Identities in Office 365

TechNet Magazine: Manage Office 365 with Windows PowerShell

My Migration Story - Google Apps to Office 365

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Office 365: Collaboration in the Cloud

Sometimes the secret to facilitating efficiency and productivity is to remove the “place” from the workplace, and Office 365 takes collaboration to the cloud with tools your users are already familiar with: Office, Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync videoconferencing.


Using SharePoint Online for Enterprises

SharePoint is the established enterprise collaboration platform and now, with SharePoint Online (included in Office 365), the same capabilities can be extended off-premises, opening up new communication channels.