Troubleshoot single sign-on

Published: June 8, 2012

Updated: June 25, 2015

Applies To: Azure, Office 365, Power BI, Windows Intune

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The following videos can be helpful when troubleshooting various single sign-on issues to Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365.


Video Description

Office 365: Managing User Accounts for Identity Federation

Demonstrates how to manage user accounts and how to set up a User Principal Name (UPN) for identity federation.

Office 365: Single Sign-On Issues Due to Expired SSL Certificate

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot issues due to an expired SSL certificate.

Office 365: Troubleshooting Single Sign-On Due to Trusting Party Issues

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot missing or corrupted trusting party information.

Office 365: Using Fiddler2 to Run Diagnostics in Office 365

Demonstrates how to install and configure Fiddler2, and includes an example of how to use it to run diagnostics in your Office 365 environment.

Troubleshooting Identity Federation Sign-In Issues Caused by Client Configuration Problems in Office 365

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot common client configuration problems your users might experience when trying to access Office 365 resources with an identity-federated account.

Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Office 365 Portal Page When a Federated User Tries to Sign In

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot problems with the Microsoft Office 365 Portal page not displaying in Internet Explorer when a federated user tries to sign in to your organization’s Office 365 environment.

Federated Users are Repeatedly Prompted for Credentials, and Cannot Sign In to Office 365

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot users with federated accounts being repeatedly prompted for their credentials and then being unable to sign in to your organization’s Office 365 environment.

Looping Credential Prompts When Signing In to Office 365 Using an Identity Federated Account

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot your federated users being presented with looping credential prompts when trying to sign in to the AD FS 2.0 service endpoint.

Troubleshooting Token-Signing Certificate Issues in Office 365

Demonstrates how to troubleshoot federated users being unable to sign in to Office 365 applications because of the AD FS token-signing certificate.

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