OLE DB for OLAP Schema Rowsets


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

The Microsoft XML for Analysis (XMLA) provider supports the following OLE DB for OLAP schema rowsets.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

To check whether a particular data source provider supports a rowset, use the DISCOVER_ENUMERATIONS rowset with the Discover method.

You can also find detailed information about these rowsets by searching for the topic, "OLAP Schema Rowsets," in the MSDN Library at this Microsoft Web site.

Schema Rowset1Description
DISCOVER_INSTANCES RowsetDescribes the instances on the server.
DISCOVER_KEYWORDS Rowset (OLE DB for OLAP)Enumerates a list of words reserved by the provider.
MDSCHEMA_ACTIONS RowsetDescribes the actions that may be available to the client application.
MDSCHEMA_CUBES RowsetDescribes the structure of cubes within a database.
MDSCHEMA_DIMENSIONS RowsetDescribes the shared and private dimensions within a database.
MDSCHEMA_FUNCTIONS RowsetDescribes the functions that are available to client applications connected to the database.
MDSCHEMA_HIERARCHIES RowsetDescribes each hierarchy that is contained in a particular dimension.
MDSCHEMA_INPUT_DATASOURCES RowsetDescribes the data sources defined within the database.
MDSCHEMA_KPIS RowsetDescribes the key performance indicators (KPIs) within a database.
MDSCHEMA_LEVELS RowsetDescribes each level within a particular hierarchy.
MDSCHEMA_MEASUREGROUP_DIMENSIONS RowsetEnumerates the dimensions of measure groups.
MDSCHEMA_MEASUREGROUPS RowsetDescribes the measure groups within a database.
MDSCHEMA_MEASURES RowsetDescribes each measure within in a cube.
MDSCHEMA_MEMBERS RowsetDescribes the members within a database.
MDSCHEMA_PROPERTIES RowsetDescribes the properties of members within in a database.
MDSCHEMA_SETS RowsetDescribes any sets that are currently defined in a database, including session-scoped sets.

1 All the schema rowsets listed here are supported by the MSOLAP data source provider for the Microsoft XMLA provider.

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