Configure and manage Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition

Skype for Business Server 2015

Topic Last Modified: 2017-11-14

Learn how to configure Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition, a minimal on-premises topology to enable integration of your on-premises voice infrastructure with Phone System in Office 365 (Cloud PBX) voice services in Skype for Business Online.

Before you start, you should review the prerequisites in Plan for Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition.

The steps in this topic apply only to Cloud Connector Edition 1.4.1 and later.
If you have not yet upgraded to Cloud Connector Edition 2.1, see Upgrade to a new version of Cloud Connector. You can download the installation file from

The following table lists the steps you'll need to install and configure Cloud Connector Edition:



Prepare your Cloud Connector appliance

Download the installation file, prepare certificates, configure Hyper-V, and get your environment ready for your Cloud Connector deployment.

Deploy a single site in Cloud Connector

Create a site in your Cloud Connector deployment.

Deploy multiple sites in Cloud Connector

Add sites to your deployment and learn about the differences between single and multi-site deployments.

Configure Cloud Connector integration with your Office 365 tenant

Add DNS records, configure hybrid, set up PSTN gateways, and enable users for Phone System in Office 365 voice mail.

Validate your Cloud Connector deployment

Make sure your deployment is working correctly.

Upgrade to a new version of Cloud Connector

Upgrade your existing Cloud Connector deployment to version 2.1.

Modify the configuration of an existing Cloud Connector deployment

Change settings in Cloud Connector after it is already deployed.

Deploy media bypass in Cloud Connector Edition

Learn how to deploy media bypass in Cloud Connector.

Cloud Connector cmdlet reference

Learn about the PowerShell cmdlets used in Cloud Connector.

Troubleshoot your Cloud Connector deployment

Solutions to common issues encountered with a Cloud Connector deployment.