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No-code solutions using SharePoint 2013 Composites

SharePoint Composite Lifecycle

Let's not write code, until we have to write code

This is a motto to live by, whatever technical hat you might wear: power user, decision maker, administrator, or developer. The SharePoint and Office platform makes no-code solutions a practical reality.

A SharePoint Composite combines data, documents, and business process in a useful, productive way by assembling, connecting, and configuring the basic building blocks of functionality available in SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 so you can rapidly create business solutions.

Download the SharePoint Composite Handbook, Version 2

The following table contains a variety of no-code solutions that demonstrate the power of SharePoint Composites as discussed in detail in the SharePoint Composite Handbook. Just about every SharePoint Composite pattern is available in several different formats including demos, labs, walkthroughs, and tutorials.

Note Many of these solutions were developed for SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010, but they are still relevant and useful even though the user interface has changed.