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Exchange Server 2013/2016 hosting and multi-tenancy solutions and guidance

Using the on-premises version of Exchange to provide a hosted Exchange solution requires some unique considerations and specific configuration changes. Microsoft provides guidance for hosters and control panel vendors to assist them in developing solutions that are supported.

Validated solution vendors

The following table (listed in alphabetical order by vendor name) will be updated to list control panel or automation solutions that Microsoft has reviewed and found to comply with guidance produced by Microsoft. These solution vendors have provided evidence that they use only documented and supported processes and methodologies in their solution.

Note that Microsoft does not provide direct support for these solutions; this is the responsibility of the vendor.

VendorSolution NameValidated VersionWeb Site Link
Citrix SystemsCloudPortal Services ManagerV 11.0
EnsimEnsim Automation SuiteV 6.0
ExtendASPEPSV 5.2
Hosting Controller Inc.Hosting ControllerV 9.04
HPHP ExCP 3.0 Control Panel for Microsoft Exchange On Premises EditionV 3.0
MachSol, Inc.MachPanelV 4.5.16
NervogridCloud Control Panel as-a-Service(SaaS)
ParallelsParallels AutomationV 5.4.10

Exchange Server 2013/2016 hosting guidance

Because the on-premises versions of Exchange Server 2013 and 2016 are built to enable all users on the platform to collaborate easily, creating boundaries between tenants challenges some of the core principles used in the design of the product. However, Exchange Server 2013/2016 can be configured in a way that appears to provide multi-tenant support, though doing this in a supportable manner can be challenging.

The Exchange Server 2013 Hosting Guidance document provides information about the challenges and problems that must be solved in order to successfully configure a multi-tenant, hosted solution, and offers advice and direction to ensure that the Exchange environment that you build can be supported by Microsoft.

The Exchange 2013 Multi-Tenant Scale Guidance document provides high-level guidance for properly scaling and deploying a multi-tenant Microsoft Exchange Server 2013/2016 solution.

To provide feedback on these documents, contact us using the following email address:

Control Panel vendors or developers interested in validation

ISV's who develop Control Panel solutions and who wish to be listed on this page should contact us using the following email address:

Note: Microsoft validates and lists vendors in its sole discretion. The qualification program described here is not a Microsoft certification or logo program. Microsoft makes no warranties or representations with regard to the third-party solutions included in the program, including without limitation the supportability of such third-party solutions. Support for the specific implementation of third-party products within an Exchange solution is provided by the third-party vendor under the terms agreed between you and the vendor. You are solely responsible for selecting, evaluating, and determining whether any third-party offering listed on this site is appropriate for your use.