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Fax Server

You can use a computer configured as a fax server to centrally manage fax devices and enable users to send and receive faxes. Note that to install the Fax Server role, you also must install the Print Services role.

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Fax Server in the Windows Server 2008 Technical Library

Product Evaluation

  • Fax Server Role
    What you can do with a fax server, the required and optional features of a fax server, and hardware and software used for running fax servers.

Getting Started

  • Print, Scan, and Fax Server Installation Guide
    Learn how to install and configure Print Server, Distributed Scan Server, and Fax Server on a single computer running Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Fax Server Step-by-Step Guide
    Learn about the tools you can use to administer a fax server in Windows Server 2008: Server Manager and Fax Service Manager. You can use Server Manager to install the Fax Server server role, the fax printer, and the Fax Service Manager.


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