Designing and Implementing (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Use the topics in this section to learn how to design and implement a data mining solution by using SQL Server Analysis Services. For an overview of the data mining design process and related tools, see Data Mining Projects (Analysis Services - Data Mining).

Using the Data Mining Tools

Provides an overview of the graphical design tools that you can use to create and modify data mining structures and models.

Creating a New Mining Structure

Describes how to create a mining structure from either relational or online analytical processing (OLAP) data sources.

Adding Mining Models to a Structure (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Describes how you can create mining models that are related to a common data structure.

Customizing a Data Mining Model (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Describes ways to customize a mining model, and provides links to technical reference topics for each algorithm that describes algorithm parameters; provides links to additional resources for using prediction functions,

Creating Filters for Mining Models (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Explains how to customize a mining model by applying filters to the data used in training the mode.

Viewing a Data Mining Model

Describes the custom viewers that are provided for exploring data mining model. Exploring a data mining model lets you understand the behavior of the model before you deploy it.

Validating Data Mining Models (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Describes how to create charts that represent the accuracy of data mining models.

Managing Data Mining Structures and Models

Describes ways that you can work with existing mining structures and models.

Data Mining Designer How-to Topics (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

Provides procedures that describe how to use the tools provided in SQL Server Analysis Services to create, modify, and deploy data mining objects.

Tutorials: Designing and Implementing Data Mining Models

Provides step-by-step tutorials that help you learn how to design and implement data mining solutions.