Choose Destination Location (DTS Package Migration Wizard)

Use the Choose Destination Location page to specify the destination to migrate packages to.


After migrating packages from within Management Studio, connect to the local instance of Integration Services in Object Explorer to see the migrated packages. If you selected SQL Server as the destination, the migrated packages will be visible under the MSDB node. If you selected a file system folder as the destination, you can right-click the File System node and select Import Package to display the migrated packages. Packages migrated from within BI Development Studio are saved to the file system folder that you specified and added to the open project under the SSIS Packages node.


Select the type of storage to migrate packages to.



Microsoft SQL Server

Set the destination to an existing instance of SQL Server.


Set the destination to a file.

Destination = Microsoft SQL Server

Server name

Type a server name or select a server from the list.

Use Windows authentication

Select to use Windows Authentication to connect to the server.

Use SQL Server authentication

Select to use SQL Server Authentication to connect to the server.

User name

If using SQL Server Authentication, specify a user name.


If using SQL Server Authentication, provide a password.

Destination = DTSX File

Folder name

Type the name of a folder or click Browse and locate the folder.


Browse to locate the folder.